top: NOIR at New Jersey Repertory Company                                                                    bottom: TWO-HEADED at the Berkshire Theatre Festival


ASCENSION  “... stunning ... Marc Geller has directed his players smoothly”                 Anita Gates,  New York Times 

TWO-HEADED  “Not a traffic cop, Geller has directed the internal play between these characters...his stage pictures are fine and the physical balance between the women is never incorrect or false for even a moment. ”                                                                             J. Peter Bergman,  Edge Boston 

SOUVENIR  “The script, the acting, and the sensitive directing by Marc Geller collaborate to give dignity to characters who could easily be stranded in the realm of absurdity. Much of the audience wound up in tears, and all of us stood enthusiastically to applaud the curtain call.”                                                                                                                               Violet Snow,  Woodstock Times 

NOIR  “...splendidly directed by Marc Geller ... This slick and polished production should have a prosperous afterlife in regional theaters.”                                                                  Simon Saltzman,  CurtainUp

MIDDLEMEN   “In the capable hands of director Marc Geller, Jenkins’ script has been fully realized... Geller’s direction is well paced, creative and detailed in its precision. He confidently mines the humor from every situation.”                                                            Lynn Marie Macy, NYTheatre Now   

DONNA ORBITS THE MOON “It’s a common misconception that directors are relatively unimportant in a one-person play. The opposite is true. Marc Geller’s guidance is obvious – and invisible.”                                                                                                                            Philip Dorian, Scene on Stage

ACTS OF LOVE “Ms. Chetkovitch's supreme character development and Marc Geller's taut direction keep the play interesting and exciting.”                                                         Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld

ANGELS AND MINISTERS OF GRACE "Marc Geller's subtle, nuanced direction makes it all flow effortlessly toward it's cathartic conclusion."                                                         Michael T. Mooney, The Examiner